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Agent and Diligent Driver Behavior on the Car-Following Part of the Micro Traffic Flow in A Situation of Vehicles Evacuation on Sidoarjo Porong Roadway


Kohei Arai, Tri Harsono


Vol. 11  No. 1  pp. 137-144


An agent and diligent driver behaviour on the car-following part of the micro traffic flow in a situation of vehicles evacuation on Sidoarjo Porong roadway is proposed. By paying attention to the Nagel-Schreckenberg (NaSch) model of the micro traffic flow, we modify it by inserting agent drivers and diligent ones into the driving behaviour on the car-following part. Validation of the proposed model is performed by comparing the fundamental diagram from the realistic traffic and the simulation results. Based on the actual data from the traffic on Sidoarjo Porong roadway the effect of agent drivers and diligent ones in a situation of vehicles evacuation is observed by presenting time-space diagram the evacuation time of the vehicles evacuation is also found for unequal vehicle densities.


Agent drivers, Diligent drivers, Fundamental diagram, Time-space diagram, Evacuation time