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Current Challenges and Future Perspective: The Influence of Organizational Intelligence on Libyan Oil and Gas Industry


Hadya S. Hawedi, Haryani Haron, Ariza Nordin, AbadalgaderA. Ahmed


Vol. 11  No. 1  pp. 145-147


The oil and gas industry as a backbone to Libyan economy provides excellent focus for studying the influence of organizational intelligence (OI) especially this time when its economic sanctions has been lifted. OI stems from vast diversity and describes the strength and weaknesses on decision making. The importance of oil and gas sectors should insulate themselves from administrative lost and complex behavior owing to their significant role. The ability of these sectors to mobilize and focus their brain power on achieving its objectives is therefore helpful for future growth. This paper reports current challenges of Libyan Oil and Gas industry towards gaining competitive advantage through OI and concludes that variety of factors such as organizational behavior, infrastructural facilities, production capacity and interest of individual oil and gas firm as determinant factors to resolving the current challenges.


Organizational intelligence, Technology assisted learning, Organizational learning.