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Efficient Approach for Building Hierarchical Cluster Representative


Mohammad A. Hassan, Yaser A. M. Hasan


Vol. 11  No. 1  pp. 178-184


Cluster retrieval is usually used to improve retrieval efficiency, since user needs are compared with a cluster representative or centroid, instead of all documents. it is important to select the centroid in a way it is strongly represents the semantics of the cluster members. in this paper we proposed a new method to form the centroid in case of hierarchical clustering is used. such approach depends on index terms of the parent documents in the hierarchy, combining these terms into a virtual document vector of entries that composed of the accumulated weight of each index term. the centroids were evaluated using two variables, distance to other centroids, and connectivity with the same cluster member, empirical results proved the efficiency of such approach even when using a subset of the top most important terms that represent the centroid, called top-n of terms.


information retrieval, cluster retrieval, cluster representative