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Design and Implementation of Fuzzy Temperature Control System for WSN Applications


Roop Pahuja, H.K Verma, Moin Uddin


Vol. 11  No. 2  pp. 1-10


Motivated by present day research trends that focus on application specific deployment and information processing in WSN, this paper presents, in general the design and implementation of rule based, simple, robust closed loop temperature control system using Virtual Instrumentation (VI) technology. It can be used for plethora of ZigBee WSN distributed measurement and control applications in areas like environmental monitoring and control, controlled-environment precision agriculture, building automation and process control. Using node based or zone - node based addressing scheme and double- averaging measuring technique, a ZigBee WSN, configured for periodic data transfer over adhoc multihop mesh network, transmits the measured value of zonal temperature as a feedback signal to the dual input, three-term fuzzy temperature controller. The controller software is designed to provide optimized output to drive a heating and cooling actuator network. The self-developed software (application program) with GUI, running on host PC, integrates and controls the operation of the hardware components to provide continuous temperature monitoring and control along with execution of add-on intelligent features. Looking into the practical aspects of deploying actuator network to drive FCEs that require external a.c / d.c power source along with low-power wireless sensor nodes, a novel ZigBee - RS485 HWSAN (heterogeneous wireless sensor-actuator network) is proposed and used as system hardware for low-rate deterministic small to medium control networks. Housed in a small greenhouse (GH) chamber and controlled by system software, this network fuzzy temperature control system provides uniform and precise ambient temperature control within an offset of 1% over a wide temperature range of -10 to 70 C at a fast rate with information refresh rate as high as 2s. It provides high measurement and control performance and has flexible and versatile design to support not only single zone\ area base deployment but multi-zonal network deployment, where each zone is treated independently to meet same or different set point conditions. Moreover, the network has desirable level of security in terms of accurate, reliable and timely data transfer, fault tolerant configuration, alarm indication in case of node detection or network communication problem and low battery status indication to avoid battery-drained dead node situation.


ZigBee-RS485 Heterogeneous wireless sensor actuator network, Fuzzy temperature controller, Greenhouse automation, Virtual Instrumentation, GUI