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An Effective Method of Traffic Signals Control in Traffic Circle


Lefeng Zhang, Guizhi Qiu, Jinshan Xue, Guoli Zhang


Vol. 11  No. 2  pp. 32-38


As we all know, traffic circle has been widely used among cities and communities. But how to design traffic circle and control traffic flow are a kernel issue. In this paper, we study mainly how to control traffic flow by using traffic rules and signal lights. We comparative study two methods of adopting traffic lights and positioning a yield sign in the circle at each entrance road to give priority to incoming traffic. Traffic lights are installed to control the traffic flow of entries and the left-turn traffic flow on circulatory roadway. Left-run vehicles on circulatory roadway will stop before red signal to avoid weaving. By this method the green time of signal and the running lane of circulatory roadway are utilized optimally.


Traffic circle, Signals control, Average waiting time, Genetic algorithm