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Collaborative Communication of Active RFID Tags for Warehouse Asset Management


Amenah Arooj, Muid Mufti, Habibullah Jamal


Vol. 11  No. 2  pp. 39-46


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the wireless adhoc networking identification technology used to identify, arrange, sort, monitor people and objects upto a certain range without line of sight between reader and tag. Because of this ability, RFID technology has left behind the other identification technologies especially bar code technology in various fields [2]. This paper discusses the working of Active RFID Tags in large warehouses, the methods to identify all containers using only one reader, the problems associated with it and the solution to the problems. Because the range of the reader is limited, so in large warehouses certain tags may not come within the range of the reader. So when an inquiry is made by these tags, it may not reach direct to the reader. For this an intermediate propagation protocol is needed which can effectively increase the range of the reader to the last unidentified tag. This methodology implies adhoc routing which have been described in this paper. In the end a secure protocol has been suggested which covers the whole scenario.


RFID, Active Tag, Adhoc, Neighbor, Routing