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Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Measurement- A Methodological Application of Low Frequency measurement in LabVIEW


M.L Sharma, Ravi Kant Verma, Noor Fatima Rizvi, Anu Malhotra, Swati Sharma, Nipun Sharma


Vol. 11  No. 2  pp. 105-108


The applications of low frequency sound measurement in the medical field are immense. The low frequency sound signals find tremendous applications in medical filed like Low frequency Sound Therapy, Sound Surgery, Vibroacoustic Therapy, Bio-Tuning etc. The paper discusses a novel method of designing a measurement system using LabVIEW 7.0 and the designing of a data acquisition card for low frequency sound signals. This methodological approach towards measuring Heart rate variability could prove to be an extremely useful low cost solution at small hospitals and household.


LabView, HRV, Signal Acquisition, Low Frequency Measurement