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Design method of Open Source Software


Himani Goyal, Jasbir Kour


Vol. 11  No. 2  pp. 167-142


Free/Open Source software is a kind of software whose source code is available for comprehension, modification and re-distribution. This kind of software has increased in popularity in recent years and becoming an interesting topic for research. Most Free/Open Source software is produced through the facilitation of Free/Open Source Hosting (FOSPHost) sites and investigations into these sites may yield results that have theoretical and practical significance.Open source software is becoming the most interesting ‘new’ phenomenon of the entire information technology landscape, generating a level of interest similar to that of the first moments of the Internet The study of the possibilities and limits of open source software at the enterprise is the main concern. The research work analyzes the history of the open source movement, describes the open source community and collaboration model, analyzes the open source development process, describes business models based on open source software, analyzes possible cost savings and presents case studies of popular open source projects. Recommendations are presented, how companies and organizations might benefit from open source software and in which cases it should be avoided, because the hidden costs will not pay off the license costs savings. The impact of open source technology is expected to be quite noticeable in the software industry, and in society as a whole. It allows for novel development models, which have already been demonstrated to be especially well suited to efficiently take advantage of the work of developers spread across all corners of the planet.


Community, Descriptive, Explanatory, Exploratory and Open Source