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Adaptive Recovery of Image Blocks Using Spline Approach


Jong-Keuk Lee, Ji-Hong Kim, Jin-Seok Seo


Vol. 11  No. 2  pp. 213-217


In this paper, a new method for recovering image blocks is proposed. The proposed method adopts adaptively the spline approach which is used for achieving the smooth curve in computer graphics. For recovering image blocks, the cardinal spline is applied to each damaged block using one dimensional approach at four directions. After calculating selectively the row-wise, column-wise, diagonal -wise, and/or inverse diagonal-wise point functions according to the edge pattern of image area adjacent to the damaged block, the recovery process is performed by determining the weighted sum of selected point functions. By doing so, it can be possible to retain the feature of edges in the recovered image. From the simulation results, it is shown that the proposed method has an excellent performance for all types of damaged blocks compared with conventional approaches.


block recovery, cardinal spline, damaged block, image recovery