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Visual Clarity and Comfort Analysis for 3D Stereoscopic Imaging Contents


Namgyu Kim, Jihye Park, Seiwoong Oh


Vol. 11  No. 2  pp. 227-231


In recent years 3D stereoscopic imaging contents are widespread in usual commercial markets such as films or movies, interactive games, advertisements, exhibition areas and so on. Even so, for common viewers, the 3D stereoscopic imaging contents are not comfortable to human visual sense because human stereoscopic depth fusion is dependent on individual brain processes. Among various human depth cues, the major depth cue is a retinal disparity on left and right eyes for each. Improper disparity causes physically headache or fatigue of viewers. We carried out an experiment in which visual clarity and comfort were measured in test stereoscopic imaging contents with different disparity levels. We assume that the disparity levels of both eyes is simulated with distance gap between convergence and focus point on two camera pairs’ shooting image. The results of the experiments confirmed that disparity is a critical element to affecting visual clarity and comfort. Also, we find the visual clarity is proportional to visual comfort. With age-specific analysis, stereoscopic sensitivity of old age group is lower than other age group. These results will provide important insights into producing visually comfortable and clear 3D contents with stereoscopy.


Stereoscopy, Visual Clarity, Visual Comfort, User Experiment, Human fatigue