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Matrix and Mutation Based Cryptosystem(MMC)


Rajdeep Chowdhury, Arijit Saha, Pratip Kumar Biswas, Arijit Dutta


Vol. 11  No. 3  pp. 7-14


In this paper, both encryption and decryption methodologies have been proposed and coined as “Matrix and Mutation Based Cryptosystem (MMC).” It commences with the character in the (2, 2) position of the matrix and then transformed into next 9 characters followed by conversion into hexadecimal equivalent. After that, transposing of the matrix is followed by row shift and column shift. Then, the number at position (1, 1) is taken and transformed into binary and genetic function MUTATION is used at bit position 2, 4, and 6. Next, it is converted into decimal. This decimal numbers are used to mix / mingle the colors in the standard color palette in RGB format. During decryption methodology, the color is selected and is opened using the standard color palette. Value of R is taken and converted into binary, genetic function MUTATION is applied at position 2, 4, 6 and converted into hexadecimal equivalent. Again we create 3x3 matrices and put the hexadecimal number at position (1, 1). Next we use the key (-6 from (1, 1), -3 from (1, 1)) for column and (-2 from (1, 1), -1 from (1, 1)) for row. Next, we shift the columns and rows and transpose the matrix to get / decipher the original text. A comparison of the proposed technique with existing algorithm Triple-DES have been done in encryption & decryption time and non-homogeneity of source and encrypted files.


Standard Color palette, Matrix, Mutation, Cryptosystem, Encryption, Decryption