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New Approach for Modifying Blowfish Algorithm by Using Multiple Keys


Afaf M. Ali Al-Neaimi, Rehab F. Hassan


Vol. 11  No. 3  pp. 21-26


In this paper, cellular automata (CAs) are used to design a symmetric key cryptography system based on Bluefish algorithm, CAs are applied to generate a multiple pseudo-random numbers sequence (PNS) which is used during the encryption process. The quality of PNSs highly depends on the set of applied CA rules. This paper introduces a new method to enhance the performance of the Bluefish Algorithm. This is done by building a new structure for the 16 rounds in the original algorithm by replacing the OR operation with a new introduced operation. This structure makes use of multiple secrete keys. The principle of Cellular Automata (CA) is used to generate these multiple keys in a simple and effective way. The proposed method provides high quality encryption, and the system is very resistant to attempts of breaking the cryptography key.


Computer security, Bluefish Algorithm, Cellular Automata, triple data encryption algorithm