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A Controlled Proxy-Protected Signature Scheme with Instantaneous Revocation


Khaled Shehata, Gamal Selim, Maged Elgindy, Mohamed Mohamed Kouta


Vol. 11  No. 3  pp. 27-30


We provide a proxy signature scheme using blind signature with instantaneous revocation. In the proposed schema, the original signer blinds his private key and sends it to delegated entity to sign on the message on behalf of him. The verifier in the proposed scheme will be able to verify the following upon receiving the message from delegated entity: 1) The message is coming from delegated entity (proxy signer), 2) The delegated entity is delegated from signer, 3) The Delegation Authority approves on this delegation, 4) The message is signed by the original signer. If the original signer wants to revoke this delegation he sends a revocation request to the delegation authority. The proposed schema inserts delegation authority to witness delegation like notary and verifies that the proxy signer does not violate the domain of delegation.


Proxy-protected, Signature, Scheme