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Security and Observation System for Solitary Person Using Accelerometer and Surveillance Camera


Satoshi Hasebe, Shigeyoshi Nakajima, ThiThi Zin, Takashi Toriu


Vol. 11  No. 3  pp. 41-46


Recently people living alone increase according to a change of the state of the society in the world. Notably elderly people living alone increase more and more. The increasing number of hunger deaths and solitary deaths becomes a big social problem. Municipal governments and care service companies provide services monitoring an alone elderly person using a television-phone or a remote camera and deliver a service person in emergency On the other hand, there were many cases that a turnover accident of an alone elderly person causes a solitary death. Then in this study we propose a system to discriminate human postures and behaviors using camera images and accelerometer data to detect quickly a turnover or else. We can discriminate with a camera and an accelerometer a posture which is not discriminable with only a camera. With an acceleration data we can easily discriminate a face up lie from a face down lie. We show the results of our experiments to discriminate postures which are not discriminable only with images also not discriminable only with accelerations and show the efficiency of the proposed method.


Acceleration, image, discrimination, posture, behavior