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Design and Implementation of a Wristband-style Biomedical Signal Measurement Device using Zigbee for u-Healthcare Systems


Mun-Seuk Jang, Min-Soo Goh, Eung-Hyuk Lee, Sang-Bang Choi


Vol. 11  No. 3  pp. 47-54


Most of existing biomedical signal measurement devices measure and evaluate biomedical signals only in a single device. Also, even if the device shows multi-functional characteristics, those biomedical signals can be measured by the selection of users. In this paper, a wristband-style biomedical signal measurement device for u-healthcare systems is implemented to solve the problem mentioned above. The device used in this implementation uses four infrared sensors, two electrodes, and a 3-axis accelerometer in order to measure pulse, skin conductivity, and momentum, respectively. Also, we propose a communication packet frame for transmitting biomedical signal data to PCs or mobile devices using Zigbee. In the results of the actual test using the wristband-style device, the implemented device represents an error less than twice in its pulse measurement. Also, the reliability of momentum shows about 85.6% and 84.7%, and the skin conductivity has changed according to the physical condition of users.


U-Healthcare System, PPG, GSR, quantity of motion, Zigbee