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Determination of EM Coupling Effect in Dipole-Dipole Method : Complex Image Approach


Mester Sitepu


Vol. 11  No. 3  pp. 62-68


Using the method of complex images, the electromagnetic coupling (Mutual Impedance) effect between the transmitter and the receiver that lie on the surface of a medium under investigation, is presented. Characteristics of electromagnetic coupling effect shows that the method of image is applicable in determining the electromagnetic coupling effect. For the horizontally homogeneous half-space medium and horizontally multilayer medium, the numerical results obtained are in highly agreement with those obtained using previously published methods. The electromagnetic coupling effect between the transmitter and the receiver and the apparent resistivity are also in agreement with the literature. Using the method of complex image, solution of the problem becomes simple and proven to be mathematically satisfactory to be used for determining the electromagnetic coupling effect in dipole dipole method.


electromagnetic coupling, mutual impedance, complex image, apparent resistivity, reflection coefficient