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Dynamic Scheduling Reduction Algorithm for Distributed Processing Resources through Effective Factors Using


Arash Ghorbannia Delavar, Mohsen Nejadkheirallah, Mohsen Khajeh naeini, Reza Sookhtsaraei


Vol. 11  No. 3  pp. 103-108


By incorporating selected parent’s chromosomes with the effective parameters, we could present a new dynamic scheduling reduction algorithm for distributed processing resources through effective factors using genetics algorithm. Combining the chromosomes, a competence function is formed which has optimal efficiency compared with the previous samples, for this purpose, first a list of dependent dynamic tasks with the complexity degree of O(nlogn) will be assessed. We need to integrate the fitness function and prioritization function to reduce the time waste of the processing resources while running the tasks list. With the help of proposed algorithm of the time parameters, cost, threshold and integration of chromosomes have been applied in addition to the previous affective parameters. This is done when in several simulation of the DSGR algorithm, efficiency and reliability is increased compared to the previous modes of the technical approach and has created this threshold methods to establish the chromosome integration through a more appropriate method. Finally, through a careful evaluation of the objective function, we managed to have going and returning time in a more favorable conditions than the previous algorithms, and to use less time to choose the Selected chromosomes.


Genetic Algorithm, Scheduling, Grid Systems, DSGR