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A Method of Estimating Non-parallel Illumination Based on Extended Gray-world Assumption


Tomohiro Teranishi, Takashi Toriu


Vol. 11  No. 3  pp. 139-146


As a color constancy model, this paper proposes a novel method to eliminate illumination effect from images. This method is based on extended gray-world assumption. This assumption states that (1) illumination is not parallel and changes linearly according to positional coordinates, and (2) mean color of objects is gray and color is location unbiased. It is shown that under this assumption illumination can be effectively estimated even if illumination is not parallel then illumination effect is not uniform in the image. Once illumination is estimated, we can estimate the image when white light is illuminated onto the object. Some experimental results are presented, and it is shown that the proposed method effectively eliminate illumination effect even for the case that illumination is not parallel.


Color constancy, gray-world assumption, object recognition, non-parallel illumination, object color