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Reliability and Delay Analysis of Control Networks


Fayyaz Ahmed


Vol. 11  No. 3  pp. 147-154


In this paper we have addressed the delay problem for real time control system. Real time control systems response is critical for any abnormal condition. We have modeled a communication and control system for system delay by using dymonda software that describes both the system hardware and software conditions. We have programmed an echo server and client application on VMware player for a parallelized client server delay computation and a single program, parent child thread application to compute elapsed time for resource allocation for parent and child threads in Matlab. We have modeled a communication network delay for a proposed CANDU SCWR Hydrogen co-generation unit, using state of the art Dynamic Flow Graph (DFM) methodology to analyze the system delays. Model expressions and results yield insight into the design of communication delay model.


DFM model, Network Delays, Echo client-server