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Application of Kano Model to Discuss Tourist Demands on Service Quality in Recreational Travel


Li-Fen Tsai, Y i-Mei Liu, Pei-Wen Wang, Meng-Long Shih, Xin-Min Xie, Jing-Chi Shaw


Vol. 11  No. 3  pp. 249-254


This study applied the Kano Model to discuss tourists perceived service quality in recreational travel and to understand their actual needs, in order to provide a reference for the tourism industry to improve and enhance service quality. The results indicated that, among the 27 service quality items categorized according to the Kano Model, the Attractive quality element and Must-be element have the highest weights. The quality improvement index analysis divides service quality factors into four quadrants. Several improvement suggestions are proposed to Nanshan Cultural Tourist Area, including upgrade of transportation infrastructure, merchandise safety and after-sale services, personnel training, and diversity in food services.


Recreation trave, Service quality, Kano Model