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Digital Image Watermarking Based on Independent Component Analysis and Ridgelet Transform


A.Umaamaheshvari, K.Thanushkodi


Vol. 11  No. 4  pp. 14-17


In Medical Field telemedicine and tele diagnosis is gaining momentum at a faster rate. So security and authentication for medical images are very important. This paper describes a new solution to digital watermarking of medical images. It uses Independent Component Analysis (ICA) to project the image into a basis with its components as satistically independent as possible. Since edges and noise play a fundamental role in image understanding , hence this Ridgelet transform is a good way to enhance the edges and reduce the noise. In the transformed image embedding and extraction processes to be performed .The watermark is adaptively applied to the image based on the smoothness of the area, to increase robustness within the limits of perception. Thus the patient information is saved and transmitted in a confidential way


Watermarking, Independent,Transform