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Using the Expected Importance and Perceived Satisfaction of Tourists to Construct Indicators for Improvement of Resort Hotel Service Quality


Chun-Nan Lin, Li-Fen Tsai, Pei-Wen Wang, Wen-Jian Su, Jing-Chi Shaw


Vol. 11  No. 4  pp. 91-94


This study explored the extent of expected importance and perceived satisfaction of tourists regarding various services provided by resort hotels, focusing on resort hotels in significant scenic areas in Taitung. This study used the “SERVQUAL” scale to construct indicators for the improvement of resort hotel service quality. The results showed that gaps remain between the service quality of resort hotels and the actual perceptions upon staying at the hotels. Regarding service quality improvement, tourists remain the most concerned with safety, followed by external leisure environments, accurate and fast professional service provided by service personnel, and finally, the empathy of hotels and the entertainment facilities and provided activities. Tourists are concerned with service quality from the external to the internal, and it is necessary to first satisfy the basic needs of tourists, before intricate services provided by personnel can become meaningful. Resort hotel operators must also continuously provide more intricate service standards to enhance the satisfaction of tourists, or it will adversely affect the willingness of tourists to stay at hotels, and in turn lower corporate profit.


resort hotels, expected importance, perceived satisfaction, indicators for improvement of service quality