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A Study on HRI using a Circular Coordinate System in Robot Locomotion Coordinates for Remotely Controlled Robots


Mun-Seuk Jang, Eung-Hyuk Lee


Vol. 11  No. 4  pp. 111-118


In this study, an HRI method using a circular coordinate system, which can implement robot locomotion with variable velocity instead of controlling velocity and direction using buttons in a user program for remotely controlled robots and easily determine direction angle is proposed. Also, the nine characteristics of this proposed circular coordinate system are to be described and the principles of user interfaces using the circular coordinate system are to be analyzed. Thus, a remotely controlled robot system that can be controlled using wireless LAN in a mobile robot, which can perform differential operation, and a PC is configured and tested. In the results of a corridor driving test using the proposed method, driving distance and time decrease about 17% and 33%, respectively, compared with that of other regular methods


Remotely Controlled Robot, HRI, Circular coordinate system, robot locomotion coordinate, Computer Interface Device