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The Theoretical Maximum Throughput Calculation for the IEEE802.11g Standard


Alex V. Barbosa, Marcos F. Caetano, Jacir L. Bordim


Vol. 11  No. 4  pp. 136-143


Estimating the throughput of a WiFi connection can be quite complex, even when considering simple scenarios. Indeed, the varying number of parameters specified in the standards makes it hard to understand their impact in terms of delay and throughput. The main contribution of this work is to present a scheme to compute the exact maximum throughput for an IEEE802.11g network. The proposed scheme incorporates all the timings and settings, which allow one to calculate the throughput for different channel spacing and modulation techniques specified in the standard. Experimental and simulated results show the accuracy of the proposed scheme.


Theoretical Throughput, WiFi, IEEE802.11g, Maximum Throughput