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An Entropy Maximization based technique for Progressive Transmission of MRI Images


Arunava De, Anup Kumar Bhattacharjee, Chandan Kumar Chanda, Bansibadan Maji


Vol. 11  No. 4  pp. 159-164


We have devised a way of segmentation and progressive transmission of MRI images. Entropy maximization using Particle Swarm Algorithm (PSO) is used to get the Region of Interest (ROI). The ROI is de-noised using Multi-Wavelet Analysis. Soft Thresholding together with Stationary Wavelet is used for de-noising purpose. Varying percentages of Discrete Cosine Transform Coefficients are used for the purpose of progressive transmission. K-Means clustering is used for analysis of the MRI.


Region of Interest,Discrete Cosine Transform, Particle Swarm Optimization,Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Within-class variance, Entropy, Intensity contrast, Progressive Transmission, Multi-resolution Wavelet Analysis,Stationary Wavelet