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The visual responses components of the three-dimension parallax stimuli


Huiran Zhang, Qiping Cao, Hongsuo Tang, Xiaofei Fan, Zheng Tang


Vol. 11  No. 5  pp. 43-48


Viewing things in the three-dimensions (3D) is not a simple task for the visual system. To perceive 3D, the visual system has to reconstruct 3D configurations of objects, their structures and locations in space, from their 2D image on the retinas. In this study, we used the EEG to analyze the brain activities during the subjects watched the horizontal size disparity pattern and the vertical size disparity pattern (two similar binocular parallax activities) stimulus, and compared the difference between these conditions. The experiment results indicated that a bigger negative voltage appeared at occipitotemporal sites around 120 ms latencies when using the horizontal size disparity. However, there is no obvious change when using the vertical size disparity. All of the data in this experiment suggest that the brain activities activated by the horizontal size disparity pattern are stronger than those by the vertical size disparity.


EEG, ERP, 3D parallax stimuli, P3, N1