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An Extenics-based Intelligent Distance Learning System


Ying-Chen Lee, Nobuyoshi Terashima


Vol. 11  No. 5  pp. 57-63


Recently, the web-based learning is becoming one of the major applications of the internet. By applying the extenics engineering method, a moodle-based intelligent curriculum website has been proposed in this paper. For implementing the proposed website, we take the course Multimedia Implementation Using JAVA as a case study. A moodle-based course management system has been constructed by providing friendly interface to fit most students in e-learning. In order to recognize the learning status of students to the provided course effectively, the content of the course is divided in detail, so as to record the web page and the period that students browsed more accurately. Through the experiments in our research, more accurate information of students’ learning conditions can be obtained and analyzed. By applying the proposed extenics-based mechanism, instructors can provide students more adequate learning materials in accordance with individual student’s aptitude.


Course management system, Extenics engineering method, Moodle, website