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A Simulator to Improve the Pilgrims Performance in Stoning Ritual in Hajj


Ayman Fayoumi, Somayia Al-Ghoraibi, Arwa Fadel, Fatima Al-Aswadi, Fatimah Mujallid, Majda Wazzan


Vol. 11  No. 5  pp. 141-144


With the significantly increase in the number of pilgrims in Hajj, There is a need for more researches to propose an efficient and new improvements for Hajj activities. One of these activities is the stoning. Stoning is a critical process in Hajj in which hundreds of thousands of pilgrims accumulate around the Jamarat basin in specific hours in the day. In stoning, there is an increase in accident probably. This huge crowd needs high control. In this work, the authors simulate stoning in Hajj to find the relationship between the Jamarat basin length and the pilgrims stoning performance and the impact of organizing the pilgrims in three rows around the Jamarat basin. The authors use a crowed management simulation tool STEPS. From the results of the simulation, it is found that increasing the Jamarat basin length by 20% will improve the pilgrims' performance in stoning process by 25%


Crowd management Simulation tools, Stoning in Hajj, Al Jamarat Bridge