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A Steganography Method Based on Hiding secrete data in MPEG/Audio Layer III


Mohammed Salem Atoum, Mamoun Suleiman Al Rababaa, Subariah Ibrahim, Osamah Abdulgader Ahmed


Vol. 11  No. 5  pp. 184-188


Steganography is a method for hidden information in such a way that can only be detected by its intended recipient. Steganography in audio becomes a challenging discipline, since the Human Auditory System (HAS) is highly sensitive. One of the main obstacles of the data hiding in audio is to develop a system which has the quality to include a big amount of data and without affectively the quality of sound . This paper proposes a novel information-hiding method to hide more information into audios media file (MP3). The bits of informatione will be hidden between frames (BF) in MP3 file. A In the experimental results, we hide more characters into audios and extract them Correctly. The audios with secret information are indiscernible to human ears.


Steganography, MP3, Hiding