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Handling Agreement and Words Reordering In Machine Translation from English to Arabic Using Hybrid-Based Systems


Mouiad Alawneh, Tengku Mohd


Vol. 11  No. 6  pp. 93-97


Machine Translation has been defined as the process that utilizes computer software to translate text from one natural language to another. This definition involves accounting for the grammatical structure of each language and using rules, examples and grammars to transfer the grammatical structure of the source language (SL) into the target language (TL). This paper presents English to Arabic approach for translating well-structured English sentences into well-structured Arabic sentences, using a Grammar-based and example-translation techniques to handle the problems of ordering and agreement. The proposed methodology is flexible and scalable, the main advantages are: first, a hybrid-based approach combined advantages of rule-based (RBMT) with advantages example-based (EBMT), and second, it can be applied on some other languages with minor modifications. The OAK Parser is used to analyze the input English text to get the part of speech (POS) for each word in the text as a pre-translation process using the C sharp language, validation rules have been applied in both the database design and the programming code in order to ensure the integrity of data. A major design goal of this system is that it will be used as a stand-alone tool, and can be very well integrated with a general machine translation system for English sentences


MT, Agreement, Word reorder, Hybrid-based, POS