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Modelling and non linear control of a photovoltaic system with storage batteries: A bond graph approach


Zitouni.N, Khiari.B, Andoulsi.R., Sellami.A., Mami A., Hssen.A.


Vol. 11  No. 6  pp. 105-114


This paper presents a bond graph modelling of a photovoltaic source (PV). The insolation variation during the day poses the problem of energy storage. For that, we used electrochemical batteries which present the best solution by their good adaptation to photovoltaic source. A maximum power point tracking (MPPT) device is located between PV array and batteries to optimise the power transfer from the PV array and batteries. A non linea control approach of a photovoltaic system is introduced for the DC-DC converter. The control strategy is based on state feedback input output linearization, and the control law is determined from the established bond-graph model.


bond graph, photovoltaic source, nonlinear control, storage battery, DC/DC converter