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Multi Structural Query Engine on a Large Database using Vector Space Approach


C.Subramanian, T.Bhuvaneswari, S.P.Rajagopalan


Vol. 11  No. 6  pp. 152-159


The Multi-structure query engine is a new data framework to support efficient analysis of large and complex data sets. This approach consists of a set of data objects, together with a schema that specifies segmentations of the set of data objects according to multiple distinct criteria. It develops a rich set of analytical operations and assists in the design of highly efficient algorithms for these operations and allows the user to analyze the underlying data in terms of the allowed segmentations. The contribution is a framework for expressing and computing the highlights of a large and complex data set. This includes a data model that is rich enough to represent the kinds of structures found in real applications. Finally, it provides efficient algorithms that give approximately optimal solutions for three important classes of objective functions.


DBMS, Large Database, Data abstraction, Query Vector