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Optimizing Access Strategies for a Distributed Database Design using Genetic Fragmentation


Rajinder Singh Virk, Gurvinder Singh


Vol. 11  No. 6  pp. 180-183


A key component of any Relational Distributed Database Query Optimizer is to fragment various tables and distribute fragmented Data over the sites of network. Then find an near optimal or best possible subquery operation allocation plan in a stipulated time period. In this paper we have proposed a Genetic Algorithm (GA) for finding near optimal fragmentation plan for selecting the various nodes or sites for placing recursively the vertically fragmented data attributes in two components for a Query Transaction on the Database. We discuss advantages of using proposed Genetic Algorithm (PGA) over various other prevalent Algorithms and un partitioned case. Experimental results for a simulated Distributed Database over a Wide Area Network show encouraging results for the use of PGA over other techniques.


Distributed Database, Query Optimization, Database Fragmentation, Access Strategies, Genetic Algorithms