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Dynamic Protocol Switching Scheme for Data Query in Wireless Sensor Networks


K. Srujan Raju, Janardhan Babu V, Ishrath Jahan, M.N.P. Swetha Priya, P. Chandra Sekhar


Vol. 11  No. 6  pp. 184-189


The dynamic routing layer based data query system is introduced to handle data query with different route selection mechanism. The route selection is done with reference to the data query and network density factors. A centralized authority manages the route selection operation. In this case all the query values are redirected to the centralized authority. The central authority initiates the route selection and query distribution operations. The centralized dynamic query selection mechanism makes delay and computation overhead for data query processing with high node density environment. The proposed system is designed to handle the data query operations with dynamic routing layer mechanism in a decentralized manner. The sensor nodes select the routing protocol with reference to the data query and network density information. The self-adaptive data query system is also enhanced to handle join query and event query values.


Dynamic Protocol, Switching Scheme,WSN