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Performance Evaluation of AODV variants on DDOS, Blackhole and Malicious Attacks


Harris Simaremare, Riri Fitri Sari


Vol. 11  No. 6  pp. 277-287


This paper reviews security issues on Adhoc network and Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) protocol. In Adhoc network, active attack i.e DDOS, blackhole and malicious nodes attack can easily occur. These attacks can decrease the performance of the communications protocol. In this paper, AODV was chosen as the basic protocol to perform simulations due to the fact that the AODV protocol can run well in high mobility and high traffic communication. Many AODV protocol variants have been developed. Currently, AODV protocol has been developed to improve the performance in terms of efficiency and security. To improve the performance of the AODV protocol, we proposed AODV-UI. AODV-UI has been developed by adopting a reverse request method introduced by R-AODV protocol, and it can run on the gateway modes. To improve the security in AODV, Path Hopping based on Reverse AODV (PHR-AODV) have been developed. In this paper we will evaluate the performance of AODV-UI protocol and PHR-AODV protocol under DDOS, blackhole and malicious nodes attacks using NS-2 simulator. The topology is fixed, and the attacks come from inside the network. The performance evaluation performed includes the packet delivery ratio, packet lost and end to end delay. The result of the simulation shows that the performance of AODV-UI protocol is better than PHR-AODV in terms of packet delivery ratio, packet lost and end to end delay under malicious and DDOS attack. The simulation shows that under blackhole attack, PHR-AODV gives a better performance than AODV-UI.


AODV, blackhole attack, DDOS, Malicious nodes, protocol routing, security