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Statistical Translation based Headline Generation for Telugu


P.Vijayapal Reddy, B.Vishnu Vardhan, A.Govardhan, M.Yesu Babu


Vol. 11  No. 6  pp. 295-299


Headline can be considered as an ultra summary of the given document. Headline can be generated by using text summarization approaches , Statistical approaches and Rule based approaches. In this paper we generate headline for the document which is in the language 'Telugu'. Headline words are selected by using statistical Translation algorithm which comes under statistical approach. In the process headline word selection, different preprocessing steps specific to the language are considered. How to retain the knowledge about the semantics of the headline words to form the grammatical headline are also addressed by using clustering algorithm. The generated headlines are evaluated using human judgments.


Static Translation Approach, Headline Generation, Telugu Language, F1 Measure