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Firewall Automatic Script Configuration ? a critical review


R. Alkareem, D Veal, S P Maj


Vol. 11  No. 7  pp. 1-5


It is recognized that firewall configuration is complex. This is especially the case when firewalls are configured using the text based command line interface. This is potentially problematic because an incorrectly configured firewall represents a major security threat to an organization. To address this problem a Human Computer Interface (HCI) can be employed. Whilst use of a HCI considerably simplifies firewall configuration it can potentially increase the problems associated with firewall maintenance and management. This is because the HCI automatically generates configuration code that may be not only complex but also extensive. In this context should a configuration problem occur it may well be problematic for the network administrator to effectively troubleshoot configuration code. Whilst the HCI may provide additional interface options


Firewall, network security, GUI