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Performance Analysis of Different Spreading Codes in CDMA System Environment for Multi-User Adaptive SDR Environment


M.Saravanan, S.Ravi


Vol. 11  No. 7  pp. 28-37


The software defined radio (SDR) technology embraces a flexible radio interface that generally consists of a software-reconfigurable hardware transceiver, and software modules that flexibly changes itself for a given radio system application. In this paper we have simulated a complete CDMA system with its changing environment adaptable by SDR to change spreading codes, fading environment, transmitter characteristics, channel parameters and receiver characteristics for various number of users is simulated. The performance of the adaptive CDMA system with SDR concept shows that it is an immediate generation (4G) which can be best described in one word “MAGIC”, which stands for Mobile multimedia Anytime Anywhere Global mobility support, integrated wireless and personalized services. In this paper, the performance of a CDMA system in the presence of different types of codes for spreading and dispreading for variable number of users is discussed. The bit error rate (BER) for each case is evaluated.


CDMA, Gold Codes, QPSK modulation, Bit error rate (BER)