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Embedded Bluetooth Data Acquisition System based on ARM for Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV)


K. Anitha, M. Srinivasa Rao, C. R. S. Murthy


Vol. 11  No. 7  pp. 136-140


The Bluetooth is an open wireless technology which revolutionized the connectivity by providing freedom from wired connections. It is a cable replacement technology that has changed the face of connectivity between the communicating systems. The usage of cables in the industrial field especially in the application of autonomous systems becomes more cumbersome and any fault in the connections may lead to a total system failure. This paper presents an abstract model of Embedded Bluetooth Data Acquisition system which was designed using the ARM processor (S3C2440) as an embedded target and Bluetooth device which is connected to the ARM processor through a RS-232 serial port. In our implementation the ARM processor which acts as the Central Dta Acquisition System is used as the controlling system that controls the Bluetooth device connected to it and acquires the data from the different subsystems of a UUV.


Bluetooth data acquisition, wireless networks, Embedded systems on ARM