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Design Approaches of Web Application with Efficient Performance in JAVA


OhSoo Kwon, HyeJa Bang


Vol. 11  No. 7  pp. 141-147


System implementation using Client/Server based on Web by spreading fast is becoming common. This kind of Web environment introduction solved many problems such as the dependency and distribution difficulty, high cost, etc. Web application and Web Service technology has more closely and effectively developed to maximize the positive point of Web environment. Based on the positive point, in this paper, we propose and implement Web application design method to implement it effectively. And also, we need to make it possible to implement on any platform based on Java. First, we have implemented reusable SQL Servlet DATABASE search, registration, update, delete, etc fast and convenient using SQL Servlet for only SQL service. Second, it writes business logic to the JSP file with Forward Servlet to prevent restarting the Web server, so it can prevent restarting the server when compiling from adding or changing Java file. These two methods provide easiness, and shortening the developing period, scalability and flexibility have improved, and it is very effective way for the maintenance.


JAVA, Web Application