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Hand Dorsal Veins and Knuckle Shape Based Authentication System


Chaitanya Kommini, Kamalesh Ellanti


Vol. 11  No. 7  pp. 165-170


This paper proposes a new approach to authenticate the individuals based on the hand dorsal vein images and the knuckle shape features. The proposed system is a fully automated and it uses a contactless, low-cost near IR imaging device to capture hand vein images. The minutiae points, vein bifurcations and vein endings, are extracted from the hand vein image and along with them knuckle points are used to perform authentication. The matching scores are generated in two stages, (i) hierarchical matching score from the four sets of triplets generated from binarized vein image (ii) the knuckle tip distances and vein map length. The weighted average of the matching scores is used to authenticate an individual. The proposed system produced satisfactory results and provides a more user friendly way of authenticating individuals.


Contactless hand based authentication, knuckle shape, hand dorsal veins