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A Hybrid LAR-1DNDP Route Discovery Algorithm for Mobile Adhoc Networks


Alia Sabri, Khalil Al-Shqeerat


Vol. 11  No. 8  pp. 31-40


In this paper we propose and evaluate the performance of a hybrid route discovery algorithm in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs), namely, the LAR-1DNDP. It utilizes two route discovery algorithms, the location-aided routing scheme 1 (LAR-1) algorithm and the novel dynamic noise-dependent probabilistic (DNDP) algorithm. In this algorithm, when receiving a broadcast message, a node within the requested zone rebroadcasts the message with a retransmission probability (pt), and each node is allowed to rebroadcast the received message only once. In DNDP algorithm pt is determined locally by each node considering both number of first-hop neighbors (k) and probability of reception (pc). The proposed algorithm is implemented on the MANET simulator (MANSim). A number of simulations were performed using MANSim to evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithm and to estimate the enhancement it achieves over the current LAR-1, and combined LAR-1 and probabilistic algorithms (LAR-1P) algorithm. The simulation results obtained showed that the LAR-1DNDP algorithm presents higher network reachability than the LAR-1P algorithm with both fixed and dynamic pt at a reasonable increase in the number of retransmissions for a wide range of pc’s or noise-levels.


MANET, Route discovery, flooding optimization algorithms, probabilistic flooding, location-aided routing