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Overcoming challenges to use Electronic Medical Records System (EMRs) in Jordan Hospitals


Bilal Ali Yaseen AL-nassar, Mohd Syazwan Abdullah, Wan Rozaini Sheik Osman


Vol. 11  No. 8  pp. 51-58


Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is the electronic middleman which allows users to access and retrieve patients’ data, to review patients’ medical history, and to facilitate the activation between patients and medical users. Considered as a developing country, Jordan still suffers from modernized management information systems that organize store, retrieve, and facilitate medical data. The objective of this paper is to investigate some of the factors that affect the use of electronic medical record systems in Jordan. Focusing on those affective barriers, it is expected that this paper will provide a deeper insight into the EMR implementation problems in Jordan, and consequently providing well-informed inferences for decision makers to take into considerations for yielding better EMR implementation. This paper discusses the factors which are recognized to be the challenges in the implementations of EMR in hospitals. The paper also describes advantages and history of EMR.. This paper will also describe the Method (the sample) to test of the Hypotheses and final results.


EMR, ITC, Healthcare Information System, HIS