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Characteristics of the Visual Perception under the Dark Adaptation Processing (The Lighting Systems for Signboards)


Kazuo Sendai, Hiroki Fujita, Mamoru Takamatsu, Yoshio Nakashima


Vol. 11  No. 8  pp. 66-71


Outdoor signboards on the street provide not only advertising but also effective scenery of the town, and they are useful for the activation of the town. Sometimes they have different faces according to the effect of the lighting systems in daytime and evening. In this experiment, we use lighted signboards to examine how human eyes see “object colors” under the dark conditions. Advertising signboards that we recognize as “object colors” begin to change into “light source colors”, when it darkens gradually in the evening. When this change occurs, the horizontal illuminance decreases from 1000 to 100 lx. In addition, “brightness feeling” and the ratio of “light source colors” rise rapidly when the luminance difference between the sky and signboard falls below 200cd/m2.


Dark adaptation, Object color, Llight source color, Sky luminance, Lighting systems of signboards