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Healthcare Professionals use Electronic Medical Records System (EMRs) in Jordan Hospitals


Bilal Ali Yaseen AL-nassar, Mohd Syazwan Abdullah, Wan Rozaini Sheik Osman


Vol. 11  No. 8  pp. 112-118


Many hospitals have implemented Electronic Medical Record (EMR) although its effectiveness to improve healthcare is still in quest. EMR is use for patient registering, error reduction, administrative cost savings, increased productivity, and improved patient satisfaction, yet widespread adoption has been slow However, many barriers to the successful implementation of EMR systems continue to limit the uptake, including the lack of organizations culture, lack of incentives to the users and lack of vender support .Currently exists in terms of where users are and where they need to be in order to implement an EMR system. The promise of electronic medical records is great, but much careful planning is needed before the benefits can be reaped. This paper addresses post-implementation usage behavior of Electronic Medic Records system among healthcare professional in healthcare organization by applying the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). EMR- TAM instrument was developed for this research and assessed with principal component analysis. The hypotheses were developed and tested using hierarchical multiple regressions.


EMR, TAM, Healthcare Information System, HIS