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Pseudonym and Privacy Using Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) in E-business


Sharipah Setapa, Norazah Abd Aziz, Mohd Aminudin Mohd Khalid, Muhammad Reza Zaba, Azimah Abd Kadir


Vol. 11  No. 8  pp. 151-155


Pseudonym ID now play important role in electronic e-commerce and e-service. For e-business payment gateway is the key to establish and serve customer need and payment. Customer will communicate without using their true identity in order to protect privacy. In spite of this, there is certain weakness in pseudonym because it is traceable and linked it with a user true identity. In classical way to generate a pure random number is impossible since the program was used is deterministic. QKD technique guarantees a secure communication with a pure randomly identical key between two parties. This paper focus on the pseudonym ID by using QKD to make the identity of user is untraceable and less linkable from the perspective of user identity privacy.


Privacy, Pseudonym, untraceable, linkable