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Performance and Reliability Assessment of a Mecatronic Sensor System in Wireless Sensor Networks


Amina Merbah, Hicham Belhadaoui, Mohamed Ouzzif, Olaf Malass?


Vol. 11  No. 8  pp. 179-189


From a functional point of view, the (mecatronic) system consists of various parts: a sensitive head, an analogical part of signal conditioning, and a digital part of information processing. In this paper, we will attempt to show our proposal for complete system modeling while associating the analogical part (amplifier, stabilized power supply, adaptation of impedance…) with the digital one. Thanks to the same approach based on information flow, we have modelled these various analogical components, through several levels of abstraction to make sure that the final information is generated as characteristics lists without any losses. The same approach can also allow the tracking of information till processor, and to propose a model including both analogical and digital parts. According to a qualitative study, we quote the types of failure that may be encountered in the analogical part. The inclusion of these types of failure is a necessary step in the construction of scenarios and combinations of possible errors. To make the system more efficient in a wireless sensor network, we have proposed a communication process, develop algorithms to ensure the proper functioning of this process and increase its reliability.


Mecatronic Sensor, Dependability, Reliability, information flow, mixed-signal(Analog, Digital), WSN