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Applied Architectures to Brazilian´s Open Access MANs


Gean D. Breda, Thiago W. Capucin, Leonardo de S. Mendes, Bruno B. Zarpel?o


Vol. 11  No. 9  pp. 29-34


Currently in Brazil, we are seeing an increasing development of Open Access Metropolitan Area Networks. Many cities have implemented this architecture with the aim of providing free Internet access and other services to citizens. Open Access Metropolitan Area Networks (Open Access MAN) are built to allow universal access to a single digital multimedia communication network. The aim of this paper is to discuss our experience in developing Open Access Metropolitan Networks, focusing on technologies and cost-benefit considerations. We present the results we had in the development of a Open Access MAN for the city of Pedreira, Brazil. This city has implemented many services to the citizens including free Internet access. The logical structure for this network is based on TCP/IP and the infrastructure is based on fiber optic and wireless networks.


Convergent Networks, Free Internet Access, Digital Cities, Multimedia Networks, Open Access Metropolitan Networks, Universal Access Networks, Open Mans