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Design and Development of a Control Circuitry for Secure Remote Device Access


Golam Sarowar, Samiul Hasan, Nahid Rahman, S. M. Imrat Rahman


Vol. 11  No. 9  pp. 35-38


A novel secure remote device access procedure and control system is presented in this paper. The user can send DTMF tones to access the control panel of the robot, which is connected to a GSM module. The DTMF tones can be sent by any cellular phone with any existing operator. The advantage of this system is the use of GSM technology for communication and any GSM mobile phone can be employed. Furthermore it can be used in any remote device control system.


GSM module, DTMF tones, Decoder, 8051 MCU, Robot Control, Stepper Motor, Remote Devices and Motor Driver IC