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Mobility and QoS Management in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks


Sarra Benoubira, Mounir Frikha, Sami Tabbane


Vol. 11  No. 9  pp. 82-90


The demand for accessing services while on the move, at any place and time, has lead to the current efforts towards integration of heterogeneous wireless networks, in particular UMTS, WiMAX and WLAN, as complementary systems. Integration can be performed at different levels: tight coupling and loose coupling. The paper presents the design and evaluation of a HMIPv6 based architecture for different wireless networks interworking. Our proposed architecture aims to solve the problems existing in present interworking solutions, such as congestion in the UMTS core network. On the other hand, it’s a significant issue of how to guarantee the quality of service (QoS) in this heterogeneous environment. In This paper we propose to implement Mobile Resource Reservation Protocol (MRSVP) in the fourth generation mobile networks, to guarantee the QoS for real time applications.


heterogeneous wireless networks, coupling, HMIPv6, QoS, MRSVP, handover